Cannabidiol (pronounced ka-nah-beh-die-all) is typically the most abundant non intoxicating phytocannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. These molecules are only found in hemp and cannabis plants along with over 400 other active compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids.

Using various extractions methods, CBD and various other active compounds are isolated from industrial hemp and then placed in various oils for consumption.

Even though they smell and look similar. They are very different. A cherry tomato is not a beefsteak tomato. Hemp is not marijuana. Industrial hemp has been used for thousands of years for “industrial” uses such as rope, paper, and oil. Hemp has very little THC, whereas marijuana can contain large amounts of THC.

The CBD products we sell are perfectly legal as dictated by the 2018 Farm Bill. Some products contain 0% THC while all the full-spectrum products we carry are 0.3% or less THC content per federal law.

Unless you plan on taking an abnormally large amount of full-spectrum products, you should not fail a drug test. If you are still worried, just use a CBD Isolate product.

There are several ways to isolate CBD from industrial hemp allowing for a more potent concentrate and flexibility in application than available from the flower (bud). The two most common chemical processes used are ethanol extraction and CO2 extraction.

CBD Isolate contains only CBD (cannabidiol). Full Spectrum products contain not only CBD but also other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together to achieve your desired result.

Absolutely not. Unlike opiates, cannabinoids and THC do not affect the brain stem which is where your body unconsciously controls breathing and heart rate.

Even though I think you will be completely satisfied, if you absolutely hate the product, contact us and we will make it right for you.

You will be asked to sign up for an official time for your consultation. However, we are here for quick questions via email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to get you going!

Your dose and how often you dose depend completely on you and the kind of product you are taking. If you are ever unsure of your dose, contact us or sign up for a consultation and we will guide you down the right path.

All CBD products should be kept in a cool (not freezer cold) and dry area away from bright light.

Absolutely not. You will not never feel “out of it” with any product we sell. You may feel relaxed, but never will you feel out of control or unable to carry out your daily routine.

We do extensive research for each product we carry and analyze the certificate of analysis provided by our suppliers.  We prefer to work with companies that have complete transparency in their manufacturing processes.

We will ship products to you as quickly as possible, usually the same day as the order is received. There may be a delay if for some unforeseen reason we sell out of stock. Our goal is to get you your product quickly.
Some products can lose potency after a certain period of time which varies based on the individual type of product. We will never sell you a product that is “short-dated.” As a pharmacist, I understand the importance of potency and will be diligent is keeping up with all our stock.
CBD is a legal product and you should never have an issue with traveling other than flight restrictions due to volume of liquid allowed. When carrying the flower, always keep it in the original jar along with your certificate of analysis included in each jar. I personally, wouldn’t fly with flower just to avoid the issue.
There are a wide variety of health benefits that cannabinoids offer. One of the most prominent benefits is the anti-inflammatory effect that they offer.
Your body uses its liver to process and remove cannabinoids along with many drugs and some chemicals found in foods such as grapefruit. Some drugs act as inhibitors or inducers of liver elimination meaning they can slow down (inhibit) or speed up (induce) elimination. If you slow down elimination, a drug may remain in your body much longer than expected. If you speed up the process, a drug may not remain in your body long enough to have its anticipated effect. If you are unsure if you take one of these drugs, ASK! Especially if you take certain blood thinners and anti-viral medications.
High Potency simply means that the product is more concentrated or contains more CBD than a standard potency product. It does not mean that standard potency products are inferior. Some people just need a higher dose of CBD to achieve their desired result and would require large amounts of oil to get the CBD they need if it wasn’t more concentrated.